Rank Math SEO Review: Is It Better Than Yoast SEO In 2020?


Yoast SEO has been dominating in the SEO realm for years. But recently a new competitor has emerged who quite successfully built up a huge community within a very short time: “Rank Math“.

This plugin is gaining positive reviews from the users and its popularity is growing at an unbelievable rate.

This is what made us create this article. We are here to find out which one is the SEO King, we can have only one King, either Yoast or Rank Math.

In this article we will review Rank Math SEO by checking its main functions as an SEO plugin, and also comparing it to Yoast SEO in these functions:

  • User Interface: How easily and effectively can you use the plugin? What is the difference between Rank Math UI and Yoast UI?
  • Keyword Assigning: How many keywords can you assign in each Rank Math and Yoast? Will these keywords benefit your rankings?
  • Content Optimization: How well can you optimize your content using Rank Math SEO plugin? Does Rank Math uses different optimization techniques than Yoast?
  • Features: Which of the plugins offer more useful features?
  • Indexing: Which SEO plugin offers an instant indexing service?
  • Performance: How does Rank Math affect your website’s speed? How well-coded is the plugin? What about Yoast?
  • XML Sitemap Integration: Does Rank Math generate a sitemap for your website? What is the difference between Rank Math’s generated sitemap and Yoast’s?

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