GTA 6’s map is a whole-ass State, and it looks massive

GTA 6 map

Fans are already picking apart the GTA 6 trailer, specifically how enormous the open world looks.

Rockstar Games did the unthinkable and released the trailer for GTA 6 a day early. It was supposed to be shared today, 5 December, but was leaked beforehand, forcing the developer’s hand.

Take a look at the official GTA 6 map trailer below, you won’t be disappointed

We’re not complaining though, considering this has been arguably the most heavily anticipated video game trailer of all time, expected to break all the records in a similar fashion to GTA V’s trailer debut.

After picking through the trailer for all the details, it’s safe to say it looks fantastic and while that 2025 release date inevitably stings a bit, you can tell it’ll be worth the wait. Unfortunately, PC players will be waiting a bit longer than Xbox and PlayStation owners, as the trailer makes no mention of PC being a supported platform at launch.

Arguably the trailer’s standout moments were the aerial shots of the open world. GTA V, and later Red Dead Redemption 2, pushed the boundaries of open-world gaming prompting big expectations for GTA 6 since it’ll be able to take full advantage of new-gen hardware.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint either, as the sheer amount of different areas and biomes is astounding. Vice City is the confirmed destination for the next Grand Theft Auto game, but it’s obviously changed a lot since we last saw it and mostly in scale. It’s seemingly expanded to the size of a US state, which supports previous gameplay leaks and rumours that there’d be near-endless amounts of terrain to explore.

What makes it even more impressive is the expressive of the world and its inhabitants, as the trailer showcased hyper-realistic NPC behaviour with what looks like hundreds of people going about their daily lives, which you’ll likely be able to interact with.

GTA 6 map is set to blow us all away sometime in 2025, though a specific release date hasn’t been shared as of yet.

GTA 6 map’s first celebrity cameo is a divisive one

My brain is non-stop swimming with thoughts about the GTA 6 map. If all had gone to plan, the trailer would’ve premiered just one hour ago. Due to yet another leak though, Rockstar was forced to drop the video early.

A grainy version of the GTA 6 trailer leaked online yesterday. The internet was soon rife with fans questioning whether it was real or not. We all know now that it was, with Rockstar Games responding with the full HD trailer. The reception to the trailer has been exceptional. Fans are blown away by the graphics which is no surprise, as they may be the most impressive we’ve ever seen. Many are also thrilled to see that the series hasn’t lost its satirical sense of humour. Some Florida residents have even joked that the game’s Vice City is almost too realistic.

It wouldn’t be a GTA instalment without a few celebrity cameos, and the first one may have just been revealed online. Streamer Adin Ross took to Twitter to write, “I’m in GTA VI. I can’t speak much about it but you’ll see later on throughout the year in the next trailer. Either way, I’m blessed and thank you to Rockstar for allowing me to have something to do with the greatest game ever.”

Adin reportedly tweeted this from the account @AR15thed3mon which is seemingly a secondary account the streamer sometimes uses. It’s no secret that Adin Ross is a pretty divisive figure. In a stream earlier this year, Ross criticised the GTA 6 map for featuring a female protagonist. “Bro, I feel like they do that to adapt to 2023. We don’t need no girl character,” he said.

Needless to say, the tweet has drawn a mixed reaction. “I’m in it too,” several people joked, not believing Ross. “If this is true, I’m not buying this game,” one person tweeted, while another added a different perspective: “Honestly, great fit. I feel like streaming will be parodied quite a lot in this game.” Until any cameos are confirmed by Rockstar, I’d take this all with a pinch of salt.

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