Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2021!!


Hostinger Web Hosting Review

If you’re on a budget, Hostinger needs to be taken into consideration. You can use this guide to decide if Hostinger has suitable hosting plans for your website.

Below are some of the most notable features of Hostinger web hosting.

The Benefits of Using Hostinger Web Hosting

Decent Uptime

Cheap web hosting services might seem appealing on the surface. But it’s not worth going this route if your uptime rates are going to be insufficient.

Hostinger doesn’t have the best uptimes rates in the industry, but they aren’t the lowest either.

Usually, we like to see web hosting services deliver an average of 99.9% uptime over the course of a year. Hostinger has some months in the 99.8% range, and even as low as 99.04%, which definitely brought their average down. But some months of 100% uptime saved their average.

You need to weigh the cost against your needs. If you have a small personal website with minimal traffic, 10-14 hours of downtime in a year isn’t going to kill you. However, if you have a business website, you’ll want slightly better rates.

Overall, Hostinger’s uptime rates are good enough for most small websites.

Fast Loading Times

Hostinger Load times

Hostinger delivers fast speeds for how cheap it is.

On their website, Hostinger states that their server response time is 43 milliseconds, which is very good. Take that with a grain of salt though. I wasn’t able to verify this number in any tests. Honestly, you probably would need to have a top-tier plan using very little resources to achieve those speeds.

Either way, you can expect to have loading times somewhere in the 300-400 ms range on average. Again, this still pretty good for the price.

The industry average for page loading speed is closer to 900 ms, so Hostinger pretty much cuts that number in half.

Money-back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with your Hostinger web hosting services, you can get your money refunded within 30 days of signing up.

If you’re on the fence, this should be a great deal for you. You’re essentially getting 30 days of free hosting.

30 days is basically the industry standard for web hosting promises. Most providers will offer you this period, at a minimum, to change your mind and get your money back.

Hostinger’s money-back guarantee is good, but it doesn’t go above and beyond compared to some other web hosts out there. We’ll talk more about this in greater detail shortly.

Live Support

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of a good web host.

Think about it. If your website has an issue and crashes, that impacts your bottom line. You need to be able to get someone on the phone or email and help you fix that problem as soon as possible.

Though if you’re using Hostinger to host a small personal blog, getting in touch with a customer service representative in an instant may not be at the top of your priority list. But it’s still important.

Regardless of your situation, it’s nice to know that Hostinger’s live chat is easy and fast.

To test it out, I sent them a message asking for help and got a response in less than one minute. I was happy with the language and terminology used by the customer service rep as well. Their instructions were simple and easy to follow.

Furthermore, Hostinger has knowledge base articles on their website that offer guidance for self-help. I’d recommend using those as a resource if you end up choosing Hostinger.

One downside is there’s no 24/7 phone support. Sometimes it’s easier to talk a problem through with someone rather than type it out. That could be a deal-breaker for some of you. Personally, I think live chat is just fine.

Free Domain and Website Builder

All Hostinger plans come with a free domain and website builder. So for those of you who are building a new website from scratch, you can take advantage of Hostinger’s easy to use drag and drop builder.

They have lots of great templates for you to use as a starting point as well.

Hostinger Templates

Honestly, Hostinger’s website builder isn’t the best on the market. But it’s good enough for a simple website.

I wouldn’t let this feature make or break your decision. But it’s a nice added benefit for those of you who are just looking for a cheap web hosting offering an all in one solution. Hostinger has the ability to be your one-stop shop for hosting, domains, and site builders.

Simple Interface

The Hostinger administrative dashboard is super easy to use—even if you don’t have much experience with web hosting or managing a website.

Everything is clearly labeled so you can easily find what you need.

You’ll have access to any installed apps, like WordPress, from here as well.

Hostinger makes it easy for you to change your usage, upgrade your plan, change your domain, and manage your email settings. You can even access your usage statistics to see if the plan you’re currently signed up for meets the needs of your website.

While Hostinger’s interface is easy, it’s not perfect. But I’ll go into greater detail on this shortly.


Hostinger has some great unlimited options available for specific plans.

For example, both the Premium and Business shared hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts.

That’s why I’d recommend choosing a higher-tiered plan over the entry-level pricing. I think the unlimited and freebies are worth the few extra bucks per month.


Hostinger is cheap. So if you want a low-cost web host, this is a logical place for you to start. But keep in mind that like most web hosts, Hostinger has some tricks and ploys when it comes to their pricing.

Here’s a look at my checkout page when I selected the Single Shared Hosting plan, starting at just $0.99 per month.

Hostinger Prices

So this should cost just $12 per year, right? Yes and no.

In order to lock in this low monthly rate, you need to sign up for a 48-month contract. Monthly rates go up for anything less.

When I added some basic features like daily backups, Cloudflare protection, and priority support, the rate went up even higher. Other features like an SEO toolkit start at $10 per month. Other web hosting providers may have higher entry-level pricing, but they include these features even in their most basic packages.

Keep in mind that your rates will go up when it’s time to renew your contract. Again, this is a pretty standard practice in the web hosting world.

Other Considerations

Anything cheap usually comes with some trade-offs. Hostinger is no exception to this rule. There are a few drawbacks that you should keep in mind when you’re reviewing their plans.

Must be Logged in to Access Support

Earlier I explained that Hostinger offers fast and reliable support. But priority support doesn’t come with all plans. If you choose the Single Shared Hosting plan without any add-ons, then you may have to wait a bit longer to speak to someone.

Furthermore, you can only access the live chat feature if you’re logged into your account.

This can be a problem if you’re locked out of your account or forget your password. It also presents a challenge for prospective Hostinger customers.

For example, if you’re not currently using Hostinger, you can’t live chat with a representative if you have questions about migrating your site to their platform. Instead, you’d have to just submit a general inquiry ticket through their website and someone will contact you via email.

This is not ideal. But again, it’s a tradeoff for the price.

Traditional cPanel is Not Available

Hostinger’s interface and administrative dashboard is simple and easy to use. We talked about this earlier.

However, they do not offer traditional cPanel.

For the most part, cPanel is the industry standard in web hosting. So if you’re used to using cPanel, then you may be a bit frustrated using Hostinger’s version.

But for those of you who are new to web hosting, you won’t notice the difference. Hostinger’s control panel will be just fine.

Exceptions to Payment Terms

As I said before, Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. But there are some exceptions to these terms that are worth mentioning. You won’t necessarily get a “no questions asked” full refund for all of their services.

The following products are not available for refunds under this policy:

  • Redemption feeds
  • Domain name renewals
  • Privacy protection
  • SEO toolkit
  • G Suite

Domain name registrations and transfers can be refunded if they are canceled in the first 96 hours of the purchase, not 30 days.

You can read Hostinger’s full refund policy here.

Additional Domains Aren’t Free

Premium, Business, Cloud, and VPS plans come with a free domain name. But if you’re planning to use Hostinger to host more than one website, you’ll need to pay for additional registrations.

With that said, the prices are pretty affordable. You can get a .xyz or .tech domain for just $0.99 per year. But .com domains start at $8.99 per year.

For those of you who are registering a new domain, I’d recommend getting it somewhere else. You can check out my list of the best domain registrars for alternative options.

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