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A2 Hosting provides top-performing web hosting, UK wide. Founded in 2002, A2 is known most for its speed. But there are also a ton of features.

All plans come with unlimited bandwidth & disk space, for example. 

Choose Linux or Windows hosting – and install your chosen site script in just one-click, including WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla.

Grab the full variety of plans – shared, dedicated, VPS, etc – at industry-standards. 

Also, all hosting accounts are eligible for a free site transfer through the A2 Hosting support team. 

For an ultra-fast web hosting solution, there’s A2 Hosting’s exclusive Turbo server offer for you, which performs pretty well. 

Scalability ✔️

In today’s A2 Hosting review, we focus plenty on the web host’s scalability. 

A2 Hosting gives you enough room to grow, and that’s a huge plus when it is a question of choosing the right web hosting provider. 

If you’re only starting out, there’s no better option than the shared hosting plan.

It offers adequate features to help keep your website secure and ensure better overall performance and speed. From there, feel free to invest in a quality VPS host

You can further move on to their dedicated hosting plan if needed. 

While it’s not as promising as what the best dedicated hosting providers offer, it’s more than adequate for your typical higher-level needs.

Ultimately, scalability is what matters in terms of hosting. 

And as our A2 Hosting review stated, you can scale up as high as you want with A2— this means no stressing over switching to a different hosting.

Questionable Server Capabilities ❌

Choosing a hosting plan can be challenging, especially for those who want to quickly grow their already existing site. This is mainly because sale pages do not mention how much traffic each plan can handle. 

They mostly feature information on the software and hardware available with the plans, which can confuse making an educated and informed buying decision.

Somewhat Clunky Sign-Up Process ❌

An overwhelmed homepage with a slow reveal of the actual pricing information can make the whole signing up process harder than it should be.

Not the Best Uptime on the Hosting Market ❌

Don’t get us wrong.

A2 Hosting offers remarkable uptime that will do just fine for most users. 

However, if uptime is really your top priority, our A2 Hosting review specialists suggest other alternatives like Bluehost or HostGator for a higher percentage.

A2 Hosting Uptime

What goes up… 🎈

Performance is key, and luckily, it happens to be A2’s one of the biggest selling points. Let’s look at uptime scores over the past 12 months, on their server. 

Remember, because it’s only one server, it doesn’t necessarily showcase how all the other servers perform. It does give you a good picture.

There’s one big issue. You will notice a great amount of downtime between April & June of last year. But they have performed significantly better since that period.

This is why we’ve included the averages for both 12 and 6 months. 

A2 Hosting UK Review of the Last 12-month’s Uptime for A2 (average):

Downtime caused by issues not related to any of the exclusions mentioned above?

If it accounts for over 0.1% of the total time that particular month – you’ll receive compensation directly from A2 Hosting.

So, basically, the compensation comes in the form of a service credit equal to 5% of what you paid for that specific month. You’ll get this service credit for every hour your site is unaccessible beyond the 0.1% uptime guarantee.

The maximum credit you’ll receive for vague uptime promises will be equivalent to the total amount you’d have paid for that particular month for hosting had you noticed no outages.

Please keep in mind that to get service credits as compensation, the downtime has to be confirmed by a staff member from A2 Hosting’s end.

A2 Hosting Speed

The Party-Trick 🍺

The Fastest Shared Hosting Provider We Have Tested So Far (320ms – reliably).

Speed is A2 Hosting’s main focus. In fact, that’s pretty much the only thing the company boasts about – even when you go to their website, this is the first thing you’ll notice. 

So, it must be good, right? 🤔

It’s not every day we get to say that we wholeheartedly agree with a company’s claim. Well, today is the day we say, “Aye!” 

All of the A2 Hosting’s features are designed to ensure your website is blazing fast. A2 Hosting names its pricing plans based on their speeds, from “Swift” to “Turbo.”

This is by far the fastest shared hosting provider we have reviewed. Period. 

That’s not even the best part. If you really look into it, the most shocking bit is that the company has been quite the fastest in the bunch for many years now.

You know how important page-load speed is in the eCommerce world. 

A whopping 79% of online shoppers say that any performance hiccups will make them leave an online store right away. 

Worst-case scenario, 44% would share negative impressions.

1 second can make the difference between a successful transaction and a poor interaction. Here’s a screenshot of Pingdom speed tests in the past 16 months.

a2 hosting average speed pingdom

An average score of 320ms? You must be kidding! 

To be honest, we too were surprised by the results so we had to include them in this A2 Hosting review – just to observe the look of astonishment in our reader’s eyes. 

Thus, on speed alone, we can recommend A2 Hosting to our users in a heartbeat.

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