100+ Blogging Tools For 2020!!

blogging tools

Blogging is associate degree art, and victimization the proper blogging tools can create your art rise and shine!

This is associate degree epic list of blogging tools to that you’ll be able to refer (hint: bookmarker it!), and realize new tools to reinforce your blogging expertise further because the expertise of your readers!

This epic list of blogging tools consists of resources for all kinds of bloggers whether or not skilled, part-time or personal. I actually have structured them into numerous sections, permitting you to guage and opt for the proper tool for the proper purpose.

Though the list of obtainable tools is long, each tool is beneficial in its own means. I additionally provide a one-line comment for every tool as a fast however useful reference.

The Ultimate Blogging Tools

Desktop blog editors

Desk desktop editor
  • Hemingway Editor: an excellent desktop writing tool which can enhance your writing. Get a rapid reading level grade and word count. 
  • Open Live Writer: Best desktop editor for Windows OS, and you’ll be able to publish directly from your desktop
  • Evernote:i take advantage of this to require fast notes on my iPhone, and it’s offered via cloud syncing.

Content idea generation tools

Content idea generation tools
  • BuzzSumo : Enter a web site or a subject to search out the foremost shared and interesting content.
  • Quora: Seek for your keywords in a very search box of Quora, and you may get unlimited concepts for your web log content.
  • Blog topic generator: Enter your keyword and it’ll provide you with post concepts.
  • Google Trends: Check the presently trending topics or realize the search trend for any keyword of your alternative.

Blog post title tool

Headline Analyzer

Stock images for blogs

  • Flickr Advanced search: Use Flickr Advance search to search out pictures with an inspired common license.
  • Google image search: Use pictures with associate degree applicable license that you’ll be able to use on your web log.
  • Pixabay:Another nice web site wherever you’ll be able to transfer high-quality pictures. You don’t need to provide credit links.

Blog reading and content discovery tool

Content reading tools
  • Feedly: buy any web log feeds or seek for your interested topic to get new blogs to buy.
  • Pocket:  “read it later” app that is additionally a productive app. Integrated into all the reading apps mentioned antecedently and allows you to save articles for later reading.
  • Zest: This one is for marketers and offered as a chrome add-on. Mobile apps returning shortly.

Desktop Image/video recorder + editing tools

  • Camtasia: offered for each Windows and raincoat OS, and allow you to record screencasts. Offers a one-month free trial.
  • Loom: A innovative tool that additionally offers desktop recording. you’ll be able to use it to record screencast together with your face in a very bubble.
  • Snag it: Image capturing and redaction tool for raincoat and Windows OS. one amongst the most effective, and extremely suggested for bloggers.
  • Audacity: A sound recorder tool for each major desktop OS. helpful for podcasters, as you’ll be able to record and so edit your recordings.
  • TubeBuddy: If you’re a Youtube publisher or video blogger, you must get Tubebuddy. This one tool will double your Youtube channel traffic & create it easier to manage your Youtube channel. extremely suggested for YouTube publishers.

Visitor stats and analytics tool

  • Google Analytics: the most effective answer for viewing advanced details concerning your web log traffic. additionally shows live traffic standing of your web log.
  • Jetpack plugin:Offers a module referred to as “WordPress.com stats”, that permits you to envision traffic details from your WordPress dashboard.

Outsourcing websites

Fiverr marketplace
  • Fiverr: Outsoource things like YouTube video intros or get social media likes & way more for less than $5.
  • Freelancer: excellent spot to rent virtual assistants or freelancers to urge employment done.

Productivity tools


Keyword research tools

SEO tools

  • Google Webmaster Tool: Free tool from Google that shows numerous knowledge like links to your web site, duplicate content and keyword ranking.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool: kind of like Google Webmaster Tool, except for Bing computer program.
  • SiteBulb: Another nice desktop based mostly web site crawl and auditing tool. I actually have discovered this recently and caressing it.

Social Media Tools

blogging tools
  • SocialPilot: New child on the block of social media tools, however i really like it as they provide associate degree iOS app (and associate degree humanoid app too).
  • BufferApp: this can ne’er let your social media profile run out of content. additionally offers a mobile app referred to as “Daily”, that allows you to add high-quality content to your social media profiles.
  • AgoraPulse: one amongst the most effective social media management tool of 2020. Do strive their mobile app and you may convey Pine Tree State later.
  • Tailwind: good for Instagram and Pinterest programing.
  • ClickToTweet: produce one link to tweet. you’ll be able to use it among your web log post to extend your range of tweets.

Blog Monetization

  • Google AdSense: The most effective discourse advertising network. It’s straightforward to manage and pays on time.
  • Media.net: a billboard network by Yahoo and Bing. prime quality ads similar to AdSense.
  • Properllerads: an honest different to Google AdSense with a lower minimum payout.
  • VigLink: good for bloggers UN agency use commerce-related words in their articles. computer program friendly, associate degreed allows you to earn cash from an outward link..

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